Your Best Summer Ever! – The Summertime Solution!

Turn The Summer Of 2012 Into Your Best Yet!

Take advantage of extra family time, Reduce schedule conflicts,
and Keep your professional life on track during the challenging summer months.

No matter who you are our what you do, the changing of seasons has influence.

Home-schoolers and public, beach goers and mountain climbers, Wall Street execs and Landscapers all feel the changes in seasons because business follows seasons too. If you’ve never consider this before I want to challenge you to have a look at the approaching season change and think about how your life will be different.

Summer is one of the biggest shifters for most businesses and families. Depending on what the business is or how the family operates, it is a hugely busy or completely off time. 

I was curious to see how interested our community of Mindset Devotees were in the topic of how natural seasons create changes in business and personal lives, so we sent out a survey. I honestly thought that 100-150 responses would give me a nice amount of data to see how everyone felt.

Well, we didn’t get 150 participants…we got 931!!!! Holy wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this a great survey. All of us at The Mindset Maven appreciate you giving us so much clarity.

In retrospect, it shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise because this is an important topic to so many of my clients. There are huge breakthroughs in career pursuits and family strength because of the work we do regarding the approach to summer.

Please let me show you the questions, some of the issues the results revealed, and share a few insights. 

1. How does the summer affect your balance of business pursuits and family life?

My business suffers but my family life picks up                 34.7%

My family life interferes with my business pursuits            22.2

My family life suffers but my business picks up                 11.1

Summer has too many things to do and both suffer          31.9

In more than 88% of responses, business or career suffers during the summer. For some people that means they are making the conscious choice to allow profession to suffer in exchange for time with family. My clients and I have learned that just because summer brings increased opportunities to be with family doesn’t mean business has to suffer. We can actually make sure that both get what they need.


2. In building your business, what does the summer represent?

Peak selling season                                    13.9%

Lowest selling season                                 13.9

Largest amount of schedule conflicts         31.9

Dead time until fall season                            6.9

No change                                                     33.3

First, I think it’s funny that the exact same percentages experience their peak and lowest selling seasons. It can obviously be either. Second, the percentages of those that have no noticeable change in business versus those that have the largest amount of schedule conflicts are nearly the same. Whether it is high, low, craziness, or business as usual, everyone feels the pinch, but they don’t have to.


3. In providing the life you envision for your family, where do you fall down?

I lack the tools or knowledge to make it happen                    20.8%

My circumstances won’t allow it                                               13.9

It will come once my business is running smooth                   26.4

I’m not sure what my vision even is                                          16.7

All of the above                                                                           22.2

We all want a better life for our family; the question asks what is needed to make it happen. Using these results I see two things right away. 26% of you think that your business success is the key to your family life and my heart aches for you. That has all of the right intentions in the world, but I’ve never seen anyone get their personal life right by getting their business right first.

Second, a full 22% feel like you lack the tools, circumstances, and vision to get it all done and you’re focusing on your business being the way to the Promised Land. What’s exciting is that each one of those is within your reach.


4. If you could learn a way to live the life you want, while building a business you love, would you want to learn this process?

Yes                     90.3%

No                         0.0

Maybe                  9.7

It’s always nice to see zero “No’s” on a question like this… the “Maybe’s” make me wonder though. ;) I understand… you don’t want to commit without knowing what is going on. Fair enough.

In order to love both our personal and professional lives, we must have the right mindset. No surprise I’m sure, after all, that’s what we do around here; help people create the right mindset. What you might not realize is that there are very specific steps we take to get that mindset.

  • Steps that create our vision and make it come alive with purpose, belief, and action.
  • Steps that help us see schedule conflicts and make solid, informed decisions without fear of regret.
  • Steps that help us enjoy our lives now, without feeling that we have to wait until that mythical day when all of our business woes disappear.

This mindset won’t make every care in the world disappear, but it will equip you with the tools to live the life you want, build a business or career you love, and put you miles ahead of the game most people don’t even know they are playing.


5. Are you interested enough in building your ideal family and business life that you will let PJ reveal to you how he has helped thousands of clients live their lives fully while growing their businesses wildly?

Yes                      84.7%

No                          0.0

Maybe                 15.3

Those percentages represent a big number of people that want to know how to live life fully while growing their businesses wildly. Are you one of them? If so, please pay close attention and be ready to act fast.

We are offering this one-time package to honor an internal milestone for The Mindset Maven. 200 editions of our newsletter! It’s a big deal for us that will only happen once and we want to mark it with a special that reflects those elements. A big deal that only happens once.

Here’s what is included:

The special includes our top self-study program, Your Business or Your Life, which is only sold at selected live events. It normally sells for $197 by itself and consists of 9 CD’s and a full listening guide. Your Business or Your Life walks you through each of the steps mentioned above in a simple, easy to follow format.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions for…

  • Identifying your mindset and what it does for you
  • How to build a vision for your family, business, and self
  • Why understanding your ‘WHY’ will keep you on-track
  • How to develop a plan of action that leads you through every decision
  • The most effective way to end limiting beliefs forever
  • Why trying to balance your life will knock you over
  • and much more….

It’s also packed full of inspiration and many people have told me they rotate the CD’s on an infinite loop during their commute. I love hearing that! The program itself is a fantastic guide to where you want to go, but we want to sweeten the opportunity.

Live Q & A

This program also comes with monthly live calls throughout the summer! Starting in May and going all the way through to September, I will conduct two live calls each month so we can answer any questions, provide insights, and help you bring all of the information together.

Summer is obviously busy for everyone so the two calls are split between a daytime (12:00pm EDT) and a nighttime (9:00pm EDT) to give you options. You attend one or both and we’ll provide the recordings for reference. Unless you are already in one of the groups I’m coaching this year, this is the only way to get dedicated time with me.

Total value for Your Business or Your Life and the live integration calls is $697. To make this a rock-solid decision for you, we’re offering it for $167 for 50 people. After 50, we have to close the offer to ensure quality for the group.

$167 is less than the normal cost of Your Business or Your Life by itself and including live coaching May – September.

Get your spot now!

Please remember that 931 responded and we can only have 50 to ensure quality, so please get yours now. 

To your best summer ever!


PS – I can guarantee this as a ONCE ONLY offer and the results will transfer into the rest of your life. Don’t delay make sure you get this major discount on a major game-changer.

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