Should PJ Coach You and Your Business?

Why do all top athletes, singers, actors,
and executives have coaches?

Because it works! But what exactly is coaching and how is coaching from PJ McClure unique from others?

Coaching itself is best understood if we compare it to instructing. When someone gives instruction, they pour knowledge into a person as if they were an empty vessel. The natural abilities and strengths of the recipient are secondary to the what they are supposed to receive from the instructor.

Coaching is less about pouring knowledge into a person as it is, drawing the inner strengths and abilities out. Instead of building a person or performance based on the prowess of the instructor, coaching builds from inside the person so their skill is sustainable and real.

Instructing pours in and is limited by the instructor. Coaching draws out and is unlimited because everything builds from the inside, out.


By working with PJ, you have the added advantage of the only person to ever uncover the mystery of mindset. The framework used in your coaching is based on the seven proven Elements of Personal Choice PJ discovered during his 12+ years of research. Coaching from the basis of understanding your mindset quickly creates a foundation for you to build every part of your life.

Coaching for business growth and stability is the same way. A business also has a mindset. In this case, the mindset is built from the mindsets of its key players. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs since they are their business.

With your mindset understood and engaged, your view of the world is different. Decisions come easy and opportunities are obvious. Your mind is focused and present to the matter at hand instead of wandering off to a past regret or future anxiety. Fear disappears and is replaced by excited anticipation.

PJ knows how to help you stack the deck in your favor.

If you and PJ have a match to work with one another there are options for the scenario that fits you best.

Group Coaching
PJ starts new groups all the time. They include self-directed exercises to establish your mindset, regularly scheduled telephone Q and A, and email access for questions and guidance. (Get More Information)

Individual Coaching
This schedule is currently full through March 2011 with a waiting list. But it pays to be on the waiting list as openings are filled based on personal interviews. Personal coaching involves weekly calls and guided exercises for your best mindset. (Get More Information)

Day Sessions
Typically for businesses, though individuals can take advantage of them too, these sessions are schedule for full days of intense focus on your success. Most businesses use this in conjunction with strategic planning or a major change in corporate direction.
(Get More Information)


Business Coaching
The old economy is gone and isn’t coming back. Now, more than ever, businesses need fresh perspective and insight from someone that runs in the circles of success. PJ has aligned himself with the best minds in this new economy. People on the forefront of marketing, positioning, systems, and operations. PJ himself is rising in stature in the business community by helping entrepreneurs build businesses that tie their hearts and their minds together for optimum profit and maximum fulfillment.

Business coaching sessions are structured to meet the needs of the business. PJ’s vast toolkit allows him to work with solopreneurs without a support team and bigger operations that have dedicated staff and systems in place. His personal touch and attention make the process exciting and valuable for everyone involved. (Get More Information)



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