The Difference Purpose Makes

by PJ McClure on October 15, 2012

We have all had them… points of no return. If you go forward, life will never be the same again. Every possible thing that could go wrong runs through your head and often dwarfs the things that can go right. One such point for me was releasing my first book, Flip the SWITCH.

The thing that finally got me to move forward was the realization that life would never be the same whether I went forward or not! I had been called and life changed at that moment. If I answered the call… change. If I turned away…change. Fortunately for me, I opted to move forward and embrace whatever change God had waiting for me there.

The greatest part of that decision is seeing the fruit of it years later. Today I want to share with you a note I received on my Facebook Page from a man named Emil. I love the way he is thinking about life now and I believe his story might inspire and bless you too.

*Begin note*

PJ, I have to admit that I have had your SWITCH book for quite some time now, but I just started reading it recently. 

I guess I wasn’t ready (can’t think of any other excuse :) ). The first time I heard about you was from Sandi Krakowski. Back then (couple of months ago) I was a whole different fella. I was at the beginning of my mindset-shift journey and lots of things just didn’t make that much of a sense.

All my life I have been swinging between faith and no-faith. God that we are given pre-packaged and God the way he wants to be seen. Your book changed all that. Honestly. I am in a place when I am starting a whole new life. Going from a frustrated man to a successful entrepreneur, who wants to have a purpose. Purpose was never on my radar though. Until now. I can tell you, I have been struggling with my demons for a long time. One of them is called “goals”. Living on goals is like living from one drinks-bar to the next. You get drunk, feel good, then comes the hangover. If I got a dime for all my goals I set in my life, I would be a billionaire by now. 

Never tried to define my purpose so far. Right now I am going through some rough times. Most of that is in my head (mindset). What I call my purpose now, has been crystallizing in me for quite some time. I had no idea it could be a purpose though. Now that I defined it, I can’t get it out of my head! My purpose has lasted longer than any of my goals…ever! And you know what? I feel that I couldn’t get rid of it even if I wanted. Perhaps a new purpose could replace it, but once you define it, it sticks! Amazing. Magic? Maybe. 

But I believe that finding your purpose is nothing’s more than reaching out to your most basic nature, buried deep down below all the goals, glamour, pride, pain, frustration, yearning for a meaning. Once you have the purpose – and only then – goals start making sense. You set goals along the way. You achieve those goals in order to fulfill your purpose. A goal has faded? It is gone? The purpose is still there and you just set another goal, without losing direction. With no purpose however, losing a goal means losing the only beacon you had. You literally get lost.

I have good days, I have not so good days, but my purpose is not going anywhere. In fact since I’ve had my purpose defined, my not-so-good days are losing ground and vanish in no time. 

It is also quite amazing how having a purpose, automatically sharpens your senses. Awareness comes with the package, as a bonus. And we all know that awareness is a critical prerequisite for a full-life.

I know exactly what I want (to the letter), however I have absolutely no clue how I am going to get there. That is scary, but it gives me an adrenaline rush I have never experienced. All I know is that I will fulfill that purpose. How? By doing the work day-by-day. No procrastination, no delays, no losing direction anymore.

Just wanted to thank you PJ.

*End note*

I shared this because he gets it. You can too! He makes mention of a full-life and that is exactly what I want all of you to have. Not full by my standards, but by yours.

Get serious about your purpose and see what happens in your life.

Be your best,



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