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Whoever we are or where we come from, it is always better when we know where to start.

When you arrive here at The Mindset Maven it is no different. We want you to know the best place to start and where to go from there so you can live the life you’re looking for. 

This starting point is what we refer to as Flipping the SWITCH. It means that you are turning on the power and light for your personal situation. All the resources on this page are focused on bringing you greater clarity for your own situation and giving you practical, easy to implement steps to improve your life NOW!



Flip the SWITCH: How to Turn On and Turn Up Your Mindset

Everyone that works with PJ starts with his best-selling, Flip the SWITCH. Often credited with changing lives in a matter of days, Flip the SWITCH gives you 15 years of research and application in a simple, easy to understand manner. More than that, you’ll know how to flip your own switch and begin a mindset transformation that can take you anywhere you want to go.

To remove any barriers someone might have for getting the book, PJ has decided to give it away as a PDF download…FREE! Use the simple form below to get your copy and begin your transformation immediately. More info here, or…

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Flip the SWITCH: How to Turn On and Turn Up Your Mindset
Audio and Hard Copy

Just in case the you want to take Flip the SWITCH beyond your computer, Kindle, iPad, or other gadget… you can order a paperback copy and/ or the mp3 version. Many clients plug into the audio version while commuting, walking, or working around the house. Be warned though… you’ll start hearing PJ in your head as you go through your day. ;)


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The 7-Elements In-Home Boot Camp

Total  Mindset Transformation In 15 Minutes Per Day!

PJ McClure’s 7 Elements™ Boot Camp is a revolutionary personal breakthrough and mindset transformation program that’s so simple and effective, you’re guaranteed to go from feeling stuck in the life you have to on track for the life you’ve always wanted in just 30 days!

The secret is PJ’s exclusive Element Progression™ training technique, where each exercise targets a specific part of your mindset for maximum clarity and strength in as little as 15 minutes a day. Plus, you’ll get a FREE copy of the Flip the SWITCH mp3s to have maximum reinforcement of everything you’re learning!


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The Single Most Common Habit of Successful People… Keeping a Journal!

Why and How To Keep A Journal
The Power of The Pen and The Page

This course answers the questions:

  • Why is Journaling important to my success and happiness?
  • How do I make Journaling work in my schedule?
  • When is the best time to write?
  • What do I write about?
  • How do I make sure things improve from my effort?
  • What will keeping a Journal help me with?
  • How do I know what to write and keep it private?
  • Plus much more.

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What now?

Each of the books and programs above are important to a successful foundation and putting you in a position to take full advantage of working with PJ and the more advanced programs here at The Mindset Maven. Once you feel comfortable with these, it’s time to move on to the next level of power and light… Breaker Box!

Coming soon!

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