Finding Motivation for School Work

July 25, 2013

Nothing on the outside can motivate us long-term, but that is where most of our original motivation begins. Motivation that lasts is purely internal. It is a well we can repeatedly draw from to get us through these valleys.

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3 Tips for Living in Integrity

July 22, 2013

Being a person of integrity isn’t a birth right. It comes from a dedication to simple, daily disciplines.

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3 Tips for Continued Growth and Success

July 18, 2013

Use these 3 tips to set yourself up for an attitude of continued learning and growth. Tune your mindset to look for opportunities to grow and improve so that success is a recurring constant in your life.

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No more fear. Take the plunge!

July 15, 2013

Fear and darkness are similar in their roles. Both of them are nothing by themselves. Darkness is the absence of light. Without light, darkness has no reference or meaning. Light makes darkness go away with only its presence.

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Responsible Risk

July 11, 2013

Keeping your face to the sun is a great way to live and more people should try it, but staring at the sun so you’re blind to everything around you isn’t the same thing.

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Consistently Changing Parenting

July 8, 2013

One of the blessings and challenges of parenting is that kids don’t stay still. Our parenting has to grow with them.

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Free to Serve

July 4, 2013

With every right, there is an equal or greater responsibility.

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