Your Beliefs- Do You Know What They Are?

by PJ McClure on April 22, 2013

So many questionsIf it’s ok with you, I’d like to explore the topic of a short conversation I had this weekend while traveling. Full disclosure: It might make you uncomfortable.

Many of my contemporaries, as well as people I’ve looked up to in the personal development world are very tuned to how we can step into the chain of cause and effect to create our desired ends. In most cases, these actions get us to intercept a universal law. Law of attraction, right action, or reciprocation are a few of those laws.

I’m not going to debate these concepts because, at their core, I agree with them. There are both experts and hucksters peddling these laws, but my purpose isn’t to call them by name. I want to touch something more fundamental and perhaps divisive.

All of these so-called laws are subject to and use the construct of cause and effect. This (cause) will make this happen (effect). Here is my problem and challenge. All of these teachers use the phrase “universe” to describe where these laws come from.

When they describe the things “universe” does, it sounds suspiciously like the God of Judeo-Christian or Islamic faiths. Why is that?

  • From a marketing standpoint, it could be that they don’t want to offend anyone and damage potential sales. In this case, they really do believe in the God of one of the above mentioned religions, but not enough to use that name.
  • From a faith standpoint, they might not like any of those religions or have had a bad experience with people who claim a particular religion. This might leave them curious about the personal nature of an all-powerful God, so they don’t want to commit or get too close.
  • It could be that they don’t believe in the concept of an all-powerful God, but that would fly in the face of their theories about “universe” because it has the same traits.
  • Lastly, maybe they’ve heard other teachers use “universe” and haven’t really considered what it all means. Because they haven’t explored the depths of what they are espousing, they haven’t considered the logical end.

There are probably other viewpoints and this is not an exhaustive argument for one thing or another. If you’ve been around here for very long you know that I’m an overt, Jesus-freak Christian. I’m accused of being a little different than a lot of the Christians people have met because I spend more time loving on people than judging them. Don’t let that throw you off the scent. I still kneel at the cross and believe Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

That’s said for full transparency because I’m not concerned with knowing what you believe at this point as much as I’m concerned that YOU KNOW what you believe. This is to challenge all of us, including the “universe” folks, to dig deeper.

Take the time to really explore what you believe all of this means. How could the things that happen, both good and bad, make sense? If these laws are subject to cause and effect… what caused them?

My hope is not divide people, but to deepen us all. Don’t stop at the surface. There is so much more to explore and it is the primary thing missing from so many lives…knowing what we really believe. Regardless of your conclusions, I’ll love you any way. You can’t stop me.

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