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"Renegade Success Coach Discovers
The Amazing Secret to Creating Lasting
Abundance, More Financial Success, Less
Stress And More Balance In Your Life…
Almost Overnight!"

And Now You Can Have It As His Gift To You!

 Flip the SWITCH is PJ McClure’s best-selling answer to the repeated question, "How do I take control of the circumstances in my life
instead of the circumstances controlling me?"

Now PJ wants to give you that answer as a gift… plus a bonus !

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In Flip the SWITCH you’ll learn how to:

  • Know exactly what you want from life.
  • Recognize opportunities to advance in life that used to pass by unnoticed.
  • Have a defined and compelling purpose in life.
  • Eliminate the fears that have held you back.
  • Accomplish every goal you set.
  • End feelings of overwhelm forever.
  • Destroy procrastination.
  • Be happier instantly.
  • Make decisions effortlessly.
  • Discover and live your Purpose in life.
  • Get more done with the same amount of effort.
  • Grow and prosper through any adversity.
  • Build an unlimited supply of motivation.
  • Achieve laser focus.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment from everything you do.
  • Banish self-doubt and insecurity.

In addition to Flip the SWITCH, you’ll receive Once the SWITCH was Flipped: Lessons learned since releasing Flip the SWITCH. This exclusive recording contains the insights and lessons PJ gained through the months of feedback, speaking appearances, and coaching sessions that followed the release of Flip the SWITCH.

This mp3 is an indispensable companion to the book and can only be obtained through this offer. This is a limited offer, so act quickly and the form below.

"Got my book, read it up to
Chap 7… I love it PJ! You are totally speaking my language! It is going to be such a different and amazing year with this as my springboard!"

Anne Berryhill, CA

"Great book! I
highly recommend it."

Mark J. Ryan

"All the exercises were awesome, but the last one was the "clincher" that brought my new mindset ALIVE!

What a breath of fresh air! Head and shoulders above the plethora of self-help books I have devoured for over 30 years!"

Joy Randall


"Love your work. I have bought numerous resources over the years from a variety of well known authors. I purchased your ground breaking program… and feel that yours is one of the best purchases that I have made."

Mark Estlick

"Can I just tell you…
I’ve been waiting for this book
my entire life!"

Angela Giles



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