Fix My Mindset NOW!!


"PJ, I would love to get involved with one of your coaching programs because I know you can help me get on track and stay there. Honestly though… I don’t feel like I have time to commit to a long-term program.

I need you to Fix My Mindset NOW! What have you got?"

Okay, okay… I hear you. One of the things I’ve learned through the years is that it doesn’t require a long-term program to get someone on the right track. We can do that in a matter of minutes to hours when I work with people one-on-one.

The key to maintaining that track is why my programs have longer terms involved in them. I want to make sure that the new learning, tools, and behaviors stick. However, I’m getting a lot of requests to help people get turned around in a hurry.

Busy mom’s, desperate start-ups, edgy executives, and more want to solve what is immediately in front of them and they want to do it NOW!

So in the interest in serving everyone in the mindset community, I’m creating something totally new.

A 12-hour virtual event where I coach and counsel 10-12 people, one at a time, while the other attendees listen and learn. Let’s call it…

Fix My Mindset NOW!

The reasoning behind this structure is based on the success of my "Off Stage with PJ" sessions that happen at every live event I speak at. During breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a break in the action, I usually end up with two or more attendees asking mindset questions. Because of the limited time, we focus in tightly on their immediate issue and make sure they have the clarity, confidence, and understanding to take their next step.

A side benefit is that the bystanders in the group get huge learning just by being there. I can’t number the times someone has come up to me afterward and said, "I’ve got the exact same problem they do and listening to you coach them solved it for me!" I love that so, we’re going to do it on a larger scale.

Starting at 6:00am Central Standard Time, on December 30th, you’ll be able to hear me coaching preselected participants for 12 or more hours! These are normal people that were the first to answer the call when I asked for volunteers. The only preparation they will have coming in to the call is their answer to this question:

"What do you want from your business or life that you aren’t getting now?"

With that answer, we’ll get started and won’t stop until they have a significant breakthrough and are ready to make the next move on their own. It might take a few minutes…it might take a few hours, but we’ll keep going until they say, "done."

In between sessions, if time allows, I’ll answer questions sent in through the Q & A box of the webinar or those sent in ahead of time. And… if time allows, I’ll open up the line and take a few live questions. By the end of the day, I will have used the tools of your Mindset repeatedly to solve any number of issues. You’ll see that your problems are not yours alone and that there is a way forward.

So here’s the deal…

Listen in LIVE:
My one-on-one coaching fee is $500 per hour. I’m not telling you that to impress you, but to give you a feel for what we’re going to do. You can listen to 12 hours ($6,000) of one-on-one without having to be in the hot seat yourself. $47 FREE

Have it on CD:
Secure your copy of the CD’s at the Advanced Price. I plan to package these sessions as a product to sell later on and am targeting $297-397 at least. Order now and get them for the one-time price of $147 $47.

Or have it all:
You can listen live, secure the CD’s, and also receive access to the private site where these audio sessions are stored prior to the CD production. You can download them for immediate reference and continued learning.


One of the major resources I’ll refer back to is the material from my book, Flip the SWITCH. On the private site, I’ll also give you access to the PDF of the Action Guide and the mp3 files of the book as read by me. That package sells everyday for $48 by itself.               $147 $47

Go NOW! Pick your package on the right!

Live Access Only
Secure CD’s Only
Live Access, Secure CD’s, Immediate mp3 Access
& Digital Package of Flip the SWITCH
$147 $47

If you are dissatisfied with the live program for any reason, simply ask for your money back within 24 hours of its completion and you will receive a full-refund. No questions asked.

If you are dissatisfied with the CD product for any reason, notify us within 30 days and receive a full-refund. No questions asked.

You can’t lose!

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