Declare Your Independence! – Virtual VIP Day

Declare your independence
from everything that holds you back!

In one exclusive day, you can break free of the bonds and oppression of your past and
clear a path for the life burning inside of you!

Every nation on this planet has a story of independence. A day that a group of people said, “Enough! We won’t stand for this quality of life anymore!”

On that day, they decided to fight. They fought for ideals and against bondage. They drew a line in the sand against everything opposing the life of their dreams. It was their Independence Day!

Each one of us deserves that same opportunity to live free.

  • Free of the bonds of our past.
  • Free of judgements of others that tell us we aren’t good enough
  • Free from abuses that caused us to retreat and hide
  • Free from the times we’ve tried and came up short
  • Free of fear of failure, success, and the unknown
  • Free of indecision and distractions that keep us unfocused

The idea of independence is just as scary as it is exciting and those that took the leap first are the ones we celebrate the most. Forerunners clear the way and shine a light for others to follow with much less risk and just as much reward. By their example, everyone else can know the joys of living free.

My name is PJ McClure, and in the last 15 years I’ve had the privilege to help thousands of people break free of these things and more through writing, speaking, and coaching. Through their bravery we have forged forward and blazed new trails for others to follow.

Walking step-for-step with these pioneers, I’ve refined my craft of helping people understand what they really want in life, how to prepare themselves to achieve it, and the simple steps they take to make it happen. In short…

How to Declare Their Independence!

We’ve tackled relationships, career path, business ownership, family life, spriritual walk, health, fitness, and more.

“My entire life and business have blossomed thanks to you, your leadership and uncanny ability to help me get over “stuff”. Yes, right thinking solves many issues and PJ…you are just the person to help people do it.

~Carla Gardiner, Carla’s Transport Services

“I have 290,000 clients, run a multimillion business, and still home school my two boys and I could not be on top of my game without PJ.”

~Sandi Krakowski, A Real Change, Intl.

“In less than two hours with PJ, I really turned my life around.”

~Karen Brooks, Back to Health Naturally

“Working with PJ, he helped me go places I didn’t even know I wanted to go, but when I got there…it was Amazing!”

~Dr. Peggy Malone, Chiropractor, TV personality, and triathlete

“I have had breakthroughs that have affected my life, my marriage, and my business by working with PJ. It was unexpected…I didn’t expect to get THAT much out of it and I am so glad.”

~Charlotte Siems, This Lovely Place

 Introducing…Your Independence Day!

Now I want to offer a very special and limited opportunity for you to declare your own independence…and do it in ONE DAY!

Yes, a real Independence Day.

For 10 people only: (Update… 2 spots reopened!)

  • I am offering a 1-on-1, virtual VIP day in 2012 (Just you and me)
  • We will work over the phone or Skype (No travel headaches)
  • For up to 6 hours in one day or we can split the time into two 3 hour days.
    (Focused and powerful)


Some of the things we can work on during your exclusive, Virtual VIP Independence Day:

  • Define life as you want it create your life vision
  • Uncover the bonds and barriers keeping your from living that way
  • Break free of those bonds and barriers forever
  • Identify potential hazards and give you tools for any that pop up in the future
  • Craft an immediate and long-term action plan to get and keep you focused
  • Plus…

You’ll be able to use email for questions that come up afterward and we’ll schedule two follow up calls to make sure you’re staying on track.


You’ll have flexibility to schedule your VIP Independence Day, so your busy schedule won’t be an issue. We’ll make it happen. My international clients, you can take heart that we will schedule a time convenient to your time zone, so no worries there either.

If you and your spouse would like to attend together to work on your relationship or business you run together, that’s fine too.

This opportunity is for you if scheduling a multi-appointment program is difficult because of the demands on your time or you like the idea of GOING FOR IT and making something happen NOW! You’ll be able to designate one day to getting everything together and know there is specific follow up in place to ensure success.

Plus… This is the only phone coaching available for 2012. My other availability for 2012 sold out in October, 2011 so I’m sure this won’t last.

My daily rate for business consulting is $10,000 and my hourly rate for private, personal coaching is $1,000 but isn’t even available, so what I’m getting ready to share is a big deal for me to offer.

I’m offering 10 of these sessions for only $3,500 each!

I would love to sell these out quickly, so to make it easy, all you have to do is pay a $350 non-refundable deposit now. We will contact you to finalize your remaining payment details and the approximate time you would like to schedule your VIP day. Payments are flexible and need to be made in full before your appointment. 

In addition, we’ll give you a money-back guarantee. If after you have your appointment you don’t feel like you’ve gotten more than you expected… ask for your money-back. Simple, right?

This offer was sold out, but 2 spots have opened due to clients moving to higher levels of coaching.

Let’s Set It Up!

If you are one of the few that this incredible opportunity is for, click the payment button of your choice below and pay the $350 deposit to secure your space and Declare Your Independence!

You’ll never experience another day like the one we’ll have together. No travel or meeting headaches. Just you and me in our most comfortable places, changing your life together.

Only $3,500 for this incredible, 6-hour day or two 3-hour days!

$350 deposit to secure your spot, non-refundable.

So choose a deposit option, click the button now and get started. I’m excited to share this exclusive opportunity with you.

Be your best,
PJ McClure

PS – Since there are only 2 total spots and this ends when they are gone, go ahead and secure your spot.

PPS – The fact that this is money-back guaranteed makes it no risk and a no brainer. Do it now!

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