Are You A Pioneer

by PJ McClure on December 20, 2012

Satisfaction is fleeting and the sacred feels to restrictive. If there is a way, that must mean a new way can be found. These are thoughts and feelings that dominate the existence of inventors, explorers, scouts, pathfinders, trailblazers, innovators, reformers, and forerunners. All combined could be called, Pioneers.

A pioneer, by definition, is someone that takes the lead to open up a new area. Their interests aren’t in the smoothly surfaced, well-worn path, but in the untamed land of which no path is blazed! Their call is to prepare the way for others and it is a call not everyone hears.

There is nothing wrong with you if the pioneering spirit doesn’t catch you. Not everyone can fit that bill and thank God! Pioneers are not exactly the best choice for developing or optimizing the newly explored areas. We need a different mentality to make the most of the pioneers willingness to go first. 

I know myself to be a pioneer-spirit. For years I tried desperately to fit into the mold of settler and developer only to end of up miserable and looking for something new to do. I’m drawn to rough landscapes that might contain untold beauty and adventure. My feet prefer to find their own way through. 

If you wonder that a pioneer spirit might dwell in you, I have a collection of hints I read from Dutch Sheets that might help you identify if it’s true.

  • You are often dissatisfied with things as they are and you want to help change them.
  • Something deep inside of you comes alive when you hear someone talk about making a difference.
  • Being in the right is more important than being in the majority.
  • The inconvenience of change bothers you less than the staleness of stagnation.
  • Trying, even when you fail, is more appealing to you than risk-free living.
  • You refuse to quit, realizing that dead-ends and failed attempts are just part of the path-finding process.
  • The beaten path doesn’t beckon you but uncharted wilderness does.
  • The boredom of the familiar scares you more than the fear of the unknown.
  • Status quo bothers you.
  • You have a warrior spirit that would rather fight, even die, than forfeit liberty.
  • You’d rather advance a cause than maintain a position.
  • Playing it safe isn’t appealing to you.
  • You can’t seem to leave well enough alone.
  • You want your life to count for more than money and pleasure.
  • Makin’ a difference means more to you than makin’ it big.
  • You’d rather die trying than live trying not to die.
  • You march to the beat of a different drummer, and you often hear a completely different song.

How many of these resonate with you? Any answer is fine, but if you know in your heart that the role of pioneer fits you… be one! Start where you stand and step out boldly. Where can you go and in what area of life that will make a difference to someone?

Please don’t let good enough win.

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