An Attitude of Service

by PJ McClure on October 22, 2012

There are things about my life that not everyone will understand. Not because I’m so unique and special or anything like that… but because there are fundamental differences in the way our beliefs play out in our actions. The biggest one on my mind right now is the concept of service and how beliefs radically change how the same actions are seen.

I heard a story this weekend about two guys that worked together as waiters at a restaurant. Both of them were servers by trade, but their foundational beliefs were different. One feasted on a smorgasbord of philosophy and religion, not really adhering to anything in particular, but having the belief that the universe at large revolved around the individual. The other person held a belief system that says the individual is not the center and that service to others out of love is of the highest order.

Here’s where this matters. The guy who believes in an “OTHERS” centered life looks for opportunities to do nice things and serve the other person because he values them and wants to do good for them. The other, believing in a “ME” centered life, can’t understand how someone could seek to serve him without an angle…without getting something in return. He is not only handicapped by the inability to serve purely from the heart because of belief, but he cannot truly receive the goodness from someone else.

My hope is that one of these positions, or an uncomfortable combination of the two, speaks to you and opens you up to this challenge. For two days, make others the center of your world. Don’t neglect your responsibilities or anything like that, but purposefully seek ways to do things for or just love on someone else with no expectation of return. Then write about it in a journal.

That’s it! Nothing too complicated, but not always easy if you aren’t used to it. I do need to give a word of caution though.

Serving your fellowman from the overflow of your heart is addicting. If you begin to do it through this challenge, you might find that you can’t do without it! You will become, as Rabbi Daniel Lapin says, “Obsessively preoccupied with serving God’s children.”

Try it out as a favor to me and please let me know how it goes.

Be your best,


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