The secret to abundance isn’t a secret

by PJ McClure on January 10, 2011

Secrets “THEY” don’t want you to know, about the secrets “They” don’t want you to know.

“Salesmen are the best people in the world to sell to,” said my manager. I was still pretty green in the sales game at that time. As a fresh-faced 18 year-old, the thought of making a sales call to salespeople petrified me.

Mike, my manager, looked at me wisely and said, “You’ll understand someday, that the best salespeople in the world are also the easiest to sell to. They have almost no buying resistance.”

Fast-forward 20 years, to my not-quite-as-fresh face, reading the latest email promotion for a new, handsomely packaged, program that promised me I could attract everything that I want into my life.

I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and have immersed myself in personal development for the past 15 years as a passion and career. My total hours spent devouring self-help ‘this’ and personal growth ‘that’, is only surpassed by the money I’ve spent to do it. And true to form, when a new product or program comes out that promises a better grasp of the abundant life, I have almost no buying resistance and I am compelled to read on.

The email came from a trusted source that I’ve purchased from before. I had also heard of the person behind the new program from another product in the past. Line after line of the email intrigued me.

  • He had been a member of a secret society that taught him age-old principles.
  • Once he put those principles into action, the law of attraction began to work for him.
  • Those principles are the reason why he’s a multi-millionaire.
  • Now, out of his abundance, he wants to share those principles with ME!

Almost like one of Pavlov’s dogs, I began to salivate and reach for my wallet, when one of the sub-headlines stopped me cold.

"These are the secrets of abundance that THEY don’t want you to know."

Years ago I would have asked, “Who the hell are THEY?” “THEY,” he explained, are the secret society members, world leaders, royal families, and captains of industry that held these secrets to abundance for many centuries. This time, a statement of defiance popped into my head.

If THEY possess all of this high-level knowledge about a life of abundance, THEY would have no desire to keep it a secret!

Sharing a secret is a great way to bring someone into your confidence. We are all fascinated by being an insider. The allure of knowing something that someone else doesn’t became engrained the first time our parents whispered too quietly for us to hear.

I like secrets too and no doubt, this program has some hidden gems for making money or obtaining influence that are not commonplace. However, the idea of concealing a path to abundance is misguided at best. At worst, it is a vial, contemptible lie.

The entire concept of abundance is that there is enough for everyone. Enough what, you ask? Enough whatever. Money, influence, love, romance, sports cars, shotguns, parking spaces… whatever!

If someone truly understands abundance, they want others to understand abundance. When people are only concerned with possessing, protecting their methods of accumulation seems important.

An accumulation mindset is not an abundance mindset.

The accumulators operate from a position of scarcity. They see someone with something they admire and think, “How can I get what that person has?” When an accumulator looks at the world, they are blind to only what is in front of them. Even with this limited view, those with enough guts and brains to compete effectively can accumulate great stores of wealth, power, and influence. Possibly, wonderful relationships and soul filling moments wander in and out. However, fulfillment is an illusive thing for accumulators because they are always on the lookout for those that might take what is theirs.

Living an abundant life, we think in terms of getting what we want, but not at the expense of someone else. Our physical vision is not the determining factor for what is available. Abundant mindsets cast off the tethers of lack and forge ahead; knowing that fulfillment of their goals is always at hand.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will probably buy the program anyway. My business is to find, investigate, and recommend or teach new and creative ways to grow personally. It is my sworn duty to find out if this product is just full of hypocrisy and greed, or legitimate strategies for an abundant life. Plus, did I mention that I have no buying resistance?

Be your best,

PJ McClure

Anice732001 January 10, 2011 at 7:04 pm

I like the way you distinguished between an accumulation mindset and an abundance mindset. Unfortunately, an accumulation mindset has come to dominate the world and people think you cannot become successful without stepping on people’s toes or taking away what belongs to others. It is good that people like you are teaching others to think and behave differently and achieve success without denying others the same opportunity.

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