Why We Bother To Dream

by PJ McClure on August 22, 2013

  See if you can relate to this train of thought….

“I get the feeling that my reasons for wanting to own a bigger house or have a certain income level are not “good enough” so why bother to dream? Like allowing myself to dream of things I never did before is pointless because I already have a good family life, “things” aren’t going to make me happy, etc. What am I missing?”

If you can’t relate, just know that this is more common than you could ever imagine. We begin to push ourselves into new ground only to turn and run at the first sign of trouble.

One of my methods in working with someone personally is to push and challenge when they bring up a goal or desire. I don’t do it for the sake of discouraging them from pursuit, but to force them to be firm. If I push and you back off instantly, you either don’t have a firm reason for wanting it or an underlying belief is jumping up to kill your desire.

The tell-tale part of the comment above is in the quoted sections. “good enough” and “things” tell me exactly what they are thinking. This isn’t about anything being “good enough.” It’s about “why.”

And it doesn’t have to be some earth shattering, sky parting, voice of God thing either. You just need to be able to answer why at a deep enough level that you don’t get taken off track.

To say, “I want a bigger house,” has absolutely no meaning by itself. My job is to ask, “Why does a bigger house matter? What purpose will it serve?”

The objective is to get to the real reason for wanting. The actually thing a bigger house will signify. If you find yourself thinking that a bigger house is a good way to show your snobby relatives that you aren’t the “poor folk,” accomplishing the goal will eventually leave you empty and bitter because nothing is solved. Wouldn’t you want to know that upfront?

If a bigger house is to provide a sense of security and stability for your family in the current and coming years, you’ve got a much better shot at seeing it through and being healthy at the same time. Knowing your why helps keep you focused in more ways than staying willfully blind ever could.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if I like your why or not. It has to matter to you. No, “things” won’t make you happy, but what those things represent will! And to take it to a deeper, more meaningful level…

We bother to dream because the God of heaven and earth gave you infinite potential and blessed you to be able to conceive bigger and greater things.

We bother to dream because mediocrity sucks and it’s right where satan wants us. Out of the game because we bought into the wrong idea about being satisfied with what we have or that desiring more is somehow sinful. Lies straight from the pit of hell.

Being content and being satisfied are different things and they are both based on why. You can be content with what you have and still desire to do and have more. Because there is nothing static about this life, you could argue that being content AND desiring greater is what we are designed for.

Your reach should exceed your grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

Dream big. Know why. Work hard.

Be your best,


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